What is SuperSite 2?

SuperSite 2 is a complete private-labeled Website for you and your Resellers. Here, your Customers as well as your Reseller's Customers can buy various Products and Services. The SuperSite 2 allows you and your Resellers to start selling all our Products and Services within minutes of signing up with Gossimer.

SuperSite 2 is:

  • Customizable: You and your Resellers can modify the HTML, CSS or images of the SuperSite 2.

  • Multi-tier: SuperSite 2 supports an infinite level Reseller chain. You, your Resellers, their Resellers and so on can individually customize and use the SuperSite 2.

SuperSite 2 is designed to be a powerful storefront built with the latest design and UX trends. Important features of SuperSite 2 are:

  • A completely new look and feel with minimalistic & sophisticated design

  • An easy 3 step check-out process that makes it easier for your Customers to buy

  • Fast load times with quick check availability & search functions

  • A new upselling module that upsells relevant products to a Customer during check-out

  • Customizable landing page URLs, fat footer and keyword-rich content make SuperSite 2 more SEO friendly

  • Redesigned product pages with highlighted plans, comprehensive feature lists and FAQs

  • An improved Customer Sign-Up process with fewer fields and instant validation

  • Javascript based menu replaced with a new fat menu completely written in HTML and CSS for easier editing

  • Availability of different Language Packs

  • A fast AJAX based domain check availability feature

  • Multiple layouts to suit every business model

  • Automatic detection of visitor’s IP for displaying prices in local currency

  • Ability to offer coupons to your Customers via the Coupon Engine